Waterwise Schools Program

Water is our most precious resource, and young people are vital to its preservation for future generations. It is important that we educate students so that they value water, understand the need to conserve and protect it, and are able to contribute to future community decisions.

The Water Corporation’s Waterwise Schools Program achieves these aims by taking a whole-of-school, long-term approach.

Why Waterwise?

Nowhere in Western Australia are there more pressures on our water resources than in the Perth-Peel region. As the region’s population and economy grows, the sustainable management of our water resources becomes increasingly challenging. Anticipated future challenges to the region include population growth and a drying climate.

The Perth-Peel region is expected to increase from an estimated 1.7 million residents in 2009 to around 2.3 million by 2030. this includes more than half a million new residents in the Perth subregion and a doubling of the population in the Peel subregion. The expansion of development, coupled with population growth will fuel increased demand for water supply.

The challenge is to ensure the long-term sustainability of our water resources, both for our own benefit and that of future generations and the environment. As a community, we need to build on recent initiatives such as Waterwise campaigns, and become increasingly sophisticated and innovative in our approaches to water resource management.

(Government of Western Australia Department of Water)

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