School Overview

The planning name of Comet Bay Primary School was South Secret Harbour Primary School and was constructed and completed in 2006. It housed the Year 8 students from Comet Bay College who relocated into their new school at the commencement of 2007. The Comet Bay College site is approximately 600 metres south west of the school.

Comet Bay Primary School is located in the suburb of Secret Harbour 55km south of Perth between the regional centres of Rockingham and Mandurah. The school was opened in 2007 to serve an urban population that has shown rapid growth over the past nine years. The impact of increased population has meant that the school has always been in growth mode. In response to demand, the school has been provided with temporary classrooms and, to ease pressure on the main campus, an off-site early childhood annexe was established.

The school’s demography has remained a mix of local and overseas-born students mainly from the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand. The school’s Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) is 1019, consistent with nearby schools. Students born in the United Kingdom constitute 21% of the population (down from 23% in 2012) with Australian-born students making up 71% of the total (up from 62% in 2012). The presence of the defence facilities at Garden Island means that a number of naval families have their children enrolled at the school who are supported by a Defence Liaison Officer.

Community Profile

Secret Harbour lies on the West Australian coast, less than an hour’s drive from Perth’s CBD. Nestled conveniently between the cities of Rockingham and Mandurah, the award-winning residential estate offers an idyllic lifestyle and a stunning location to live. Secret Harbour’s secluded, yet village like ambience is one of its most attractive features. Many flock to Secret Harbour for its abundant natural attributes, such as the open spaces, bush land, beaches, parks and lakes, while others are won over by the internationally-renowned, 18 hole links-style golf course.

In the 2011 census the population of Secret Harbour was 10,429 people, there is a strong sense of community spirit. Residents eagerly participate in various, annual social events including Carols by Candlelight, Kite Fest, Autumn Fair, and a series of summer sunset concerts.

The local Community Centre houses a range of activities for all ages, including aerobics, dancing and Church services. To date, Secret Harbour’s development has been guided by a number of basic principles, including:

• the protection and conservation of the area’s natural resources
• the design and location of infrastructure to always complement the surrounding landscape
• the estate’s ability to cater for future population increases

Rockingham Region

There is a large heavy industrial area situated on the coastal strip from Naval Base to Kwinana. Garden Island hosts a naval base with approximately 2,200 personnel. This poses challenges for the many families who move here from other parts of Australia as they have little in the way of family and other familiar supports. The Rockingham area is well renowned as a tourist destination resulting in fluctuating populations throughout holiday season. In recent years the foreshore area in Rockingham has been developed to attract open air, cafe style dining.