Although the major strategies and targets will vary each year to make targets achievable and realistic the priorities for CBPS will remain constant.  These include Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and School Wide Pedagogy.


Using the Hill and Crovola planning model which has been implemented in Victorian schools with success, staff will investigate and implement strategies in all aspects of Literacy in the school with the aim to improve student outcomes in each year level.  Data collected over time indicates that many students in the school are at or below National Standards.  Australian Early Childhood Development Index (AEDI) suggests that students entering the school are at risk in literacy.


Again using the Hill and Crovola model of planning in Literacy we will duplicate this process in Numeracy to improve student outcomes across the school.  National testing suggests that many students are at or below expected levels of achievement.


We hope to integrate technology into all Curriculum Areas.  Using interactive technology we hope to equip students with the skills to be able to function in the modern workplace.

School Wide Pedagogy

Developing First Steps strategies and Co-operative learning through the school will continue to be our goal.

Instructional quality for teachers and using specialists teachers to coach and upskill teachers in contemporary pedagogical practices will be critical to achieving improved student outcomes.