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Delivery and Performance Agreement

The school Delivery and Performance Agreement 2019 has been completed and signed by the Director General of The Department of Education.

Success for all students

At Comet Bay Primary School we have high expectations of success for every student. We believe in developing the whole child (socially, academically, emotionally, creatively and physically) so that all our students leave school well prepared for their future. A successful education will equip them to prosper economically, be happy and secure in themselves, and contribute to their community. We believe in building on our students’ strengths so every student leaves school confident they can succeed.

High quality teaching

Comet Bay Primary School has a relentless focus on implementing the highest quality teaching practices. We have a consistent approach to our teaching through collaboration and explicit structures for feedback on instruction and student learning. Our teachers use the Gradual Release Model of explicit teaching, lesson intentions and reflection as a basis for their teaching. We have a culture that values quality instruction; our teachers engage in classroom observations, co-coaching, performance and development and professional learning in classroom management strategies (CMS) to improve their teaching.

Comet Bay Primary School uses the Tribes process which helps create positive relationships between teachers, students and the wider school community. It is a priority to create inclusive classrooms where students feel safe and as if they belong, this allows effective learning to take place. We have high expectations of students in terms of both their standard of learning and their behaviour. The Comet Bay Agreements (attentive listening, appreciations-no putdowns, the right to pass and mutual respect) are modelled and explicitly taught in all classrooms to create a positive school and classroom environment.

Effective leadership

Comet Bay Primary School has our students at the front and centre in the way we operate. We provide a friendly, welcoming and caring environment with clear expectations of the standards expected. Teachers are supported in the delivery of innovative and stimulating educational programs. Our school has a culture of analysis and reflection to improve student outcomes. The leadership team provides an inspiring educational vision and puts practical measures in place to enable that vision to become a reality. Comet Bay Primary School is open and accountable, we undertake rigorous self-assessment, set ourselves challenging targets for improvement, share information about performance, and use that evidence to inform our improvement.

Strong governance and support

Comet Bay Primary School ensures compliance with the Delivery and Performance Agreement and the Funding Agreement for schools. All new staff and graduates are thoroughly inducted through a variety of strategies to ensure a smooth and successful transition into our school community. They have an allocated mentor teacher who they have access to and can regularly touch base with and discuss all aspects of their career. This mentor provides targeted support, prompts deep reflection and is a source of day to day Comet Bay knowledge.

Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline (WACAO)

Comet Bay Primary School uses the mandated Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline (WACAO) for planning, assessment and reporting of student progress. This has been adapted and adopted from the Australian Curriculum.


We implement the Guiding Principles for Western Australian Schools to promote equity and excellence at Comet Bay Primary School. These principles ensure that schooling contributes to a cohesive society that respects and appreciates cultural, social and religious diversity and provides learning that meets the educational needs of young Western Australians.


  • Respect and concern for others and their rights
  • Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to achievement of potential
  • Self-acceptance and respect of self
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

Principles of Teaching and Learning

  • Opportunity to learn
  • Connection and challenge
  • Action and refection
  • Motivation and purpose
  • Inclusivity and difference
  • Independence and collaboration
    Supportive environment


Principles of Assessment

  • Integral part of Teaching and Learning
  • Educative
  • Fair
  • Designed to meet their specific purposes
  • Lead to informative reporting
  • Lead to school-wide evaluation processes