Our School

School Overview

Our school is a Health Promoting School and has embraced its motto ‘Growing Together,’ ensuring parents and the school work together to improve student outcomes. The school is very proud it is the school of choice for new families to the community. Located in the suburb of Secret Harbour approximately 55 kilometres south of the city of Perth, Comet Bay Primary School is at the heart of a thriving beachside community alongside the beautiful Indian Ocean.

At Comet Bay Primary School we have high expectations of success for every student. We believe in developing the whole child (socially, academically, emotionally, creatively and physically) so that all our students leave school well prepared for their future. Our highly skilled teachers engage children in learning programs that are adjusted to suit their learning needs. They provide appropriate intervention strategies for those requiring additional help, as well as challenging and stimulating programmes for those children requiring extension.

We have an agreed set of values, a school vision and a school-wide teaching methodology. The combination of these three components provide the school community with both the direction and structure necessary to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become lifelong learners and thrive in an everchanging world.

Our use of the Comet Bay Agreements social model helps us create positive relationships between teachers, students, parents and the wider school community. This enhances our inclusive classrooms where students feel safe, have a voice and collaborate positively. The Comet Bay Agreements (attentive listening, appreciations-no putdowns, the right to pass and mutual respect) are modeled and explicitly taught in all classrooms to support our positive school and classroom environment.

Our community takes great pride and care of all our school facilities, which includes an offsite kindy annexe, an out of school hours care program and our impressive produce gardens and kitchen, where our children discover how fruit and vegetables are grown, harvested, cooked and best of all, eaten! Students are often seen caring for our chooks or our fish in the aquaponics area.

Our sustainability focus has seen the installation of 350 solar panels on our buildings with a monitoring system installed to educate our students and community in sustainable practices.

Our Motto: Growing Together

The school has been developed around the Health Promoting Schools Framework where the three domains (Ethos, Partnerships, Curriculum) are interconnected in order to achieve a type of ‘magic’ in the school.  Growing together represents the growing community and the importance of the partnership between the school and home.  To celebrate this partnership, we hold an annual Growing Together Day where we recognise all parents who volunteer in our school and present our ‘Outstanding Community Support’ pavers to parents who have made a significant volunteer contribution over a sustained period of time.

Comet Bay Agreements

Comet Bay Primary School uses the Comet Bay Agreements which creates a safe, inclusive school and classroom environment for effective learning to take place. The goal is for students to feel included, appreciated and respected while moving along our Agreements Trail (through inclusion, influence and then community). The key elements of the Agreements process include, the modelling of the Comet Bay Agreements (attentive listening, appreciations-no put downs, the right to pass and mutual respect), community circles, energisers, clear objectives, reflection, positive expectations and high standards. 

Multi Age Grouping

At Comet Bay Primary School the arrangement of classes into multi-age groups provides the opportunity for children to work with others of various ages and benefit from the broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in the class.

Multi Age Grouping provides opportunities for children to:

  • Work together and learn from each other
  • Work at their own rate, experience success and acknowledge the success of others
  • Accept, value and care for others as individuals.  This fosters a sense of community as they share the responsibility for learning.
  • To increase the opportunity for ‘looping’ allowing the student to stay with the same teacher for two years.