Growing Together

Our Name

From extensive community consultation in 2006 the name Comet Bay Primary School was chosen as the preferred name. Research on the school name indicates the bay between Mandurah and Rockingham was named Comet Bay in 1982 commemorating the wreck of the trading schooner, the Comet, along that coast in 1893. This was a compromise between Mandurah Shire who had wanted to call the area Mandurah Bay and Rockingham Shire who had preferred the name Peel Bay.


Our Logo

Original Logo


Again through extensive community consultation the Comet Bay logo was developed based on the ethos of the desired ethos of the school. The Comet had positive connotations, associated with reaching for the sky, wishes and dreams of the future. It sits above the Tuart (the student) and identifies their future dreams and goals.

The Tuart in the foreground represents the student, the others in the background make up the important group of three and can be identified as parent, community, teachers, or any part of the broader society that the student is part of.

The Aquifer is the school, or knowledge and opportunity, and the blue streams rising up into the tree, represent knowledge absorbed. This knowledge runs through the Tuart and touches the Comet showing that education and learning allows us to achieve our dreams.

The outer shape that ties the elements together has a loose identification with the single curve of ‘C’ for Comet on the left, and two curves for ‘B’ for Bay on the right. As a shape it holds everything in place safely and securely as a good school environment should. The comets’ points pushing out from this secure environment show that the aspirations of the individual are encouraged.

The colours selected were selected to represent the area of Secret Harbour and the environment.

Our Motto: Growing Together

The school has been developed around the Health Promoting Schools Framework where the three domains (Ethos, Partnerships, Curriculum) are interconnected in order to achieve a type of ‘magic’ in the school. The motto represents this interconnectedness and partnerships. Growing together represents the growing community and the importance of the partnership between the school and home. Without this partnership Growing Together will be difficult to achieve.