Contributions & Charges

Voluntary Contributions and Charges are made made up of the following amounts and are payable upon enrolment and at the beginning of each year for each student.

Voluntary Contributions 2023

2023 costs are as follows:

  • $45 Voluntary Contributions
  • $30 Comet Bay Kitchen Garden
  • $15 Building Fund Donation (Tax deductable)
  • $15 Library Fund Donation (Tax deductable)

Contributions and Charges can be deposited directly into the ANZ Warnbro Branch school bank accounts via internet banking.

Cheque Account (for Voluntary Contributions $45 and CBKG $30)  BSB: 016-375 Account: 4936 83283

Building Fund (for tax deductible contribution $15)  BSB: 016-375 Account: 4917 29161 

Library Fund (for tax deductible contribution $15)  BSB: 016-375 Account: 4917 29153

Other Expenses 

Throughout the year, parents can expect other costs such as for excursions, incursions camps etc.  These will be asked for by way of a note home to the parents explaining the event and seeking permission and payment.