Visible Learning

Comet Bay is committed to Visible Learning to build the capacity of learners to learn, teachers to teach and the school to progress.  At Comet Bay, students are encouraged to think deeply about their learning.  They can articulate where they are at in their learning, the strategies they use to learn, where they are going next and how to get there.

Teachers incorporate Visible Learning displays in classrooms which enable students to reflect on where they are at and where they need to go, with a focus on progress.  Teachers incorporate regular feedback (task, process and self-regulation) to students (individual/groups) that link directly to the learning intentions and success criteria.

Learning Intentions are most effective when;

  • they provide students with appropriate challenge
  • they are matched to teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks
  • students share a commitment to achieving them, as they are then more likely to seek feedback
  • they are generalisable to allow effective transfer of learnt skills to different contexts

Success Criteria are most effective when;

  • they are clear and specific to avoid ambiguity.  If too general they risk becoming meaningless, providing little guidance to students
  • exemplary samples of work are also provided to help clarify and communicate what quality looks like
  • students may also have individual, differentiated Success Criteria to support them in their learning
  • students are given the opportunity to negotiate and develop success criteria with the teacher