Solar Schools Program

Our school has a strong environmental focus which includes the use of solar panels to generate some of our own electricity.

In 2006 before Comet Bay Primary School officially opened the community began investigating ways in which the school could reduce its impact on the environment.  The school instigated a program involving the recycling of paper. However, the community felt that Comet Bay Primary School could do more to combat climate change!!!!

By the end Term 4 of 2006 they completed a submission to become a Solar School whereby the school (with financial assistance from the Sustainable Energy Development Office) would install ten solar cells that would produce some of our own electricity.

In December 2006 the Sustainable Energy Development Office – an initiative of the WA State Government’s Office of Energy announced that our submission was successful and so our journey to produce some of our electricity began.

December 2010 – Our school has been successful in obtaining funding from the Australian Government’s National Solar Schools Program. We will be using this to install ten more solar panels and two rainwater tanks. Over 2,000 schools submitted an application in the 2010-11 funding round and approximately 1,200 schools were successful. Applications were competitively assessed against three criteria: value for money, environmental benefit and educational benefit. The grant will give our school a head start in tackling climate change and conserving Australia’s precious non-renewable resources.

Solar School Program - Comet Bay Primary School