Our School

School Overview

Comet Bay Primary is a Level 6 school serving families living in the suburb of Secret Harbour. The school opened in 2007 with approximately 420 students, and is part of the Fremantle-Peel Education District. We now have more than 870 students enrolled in the school.

The planning name of the school was South Secret Harbour Primary School and was constructed and completed in 2006. It housed the Year 8 students from Comet Bay College who relocated into their new school at the commencement of 2007. The Comet Bay College site is approximately 600 metres south west of the SSHPS school.

We are fully committed to the Curriculum Improvement process. Our selected teachers will have made considerable progress in understanding and applying the strategies of Outcomes Focussed Education. The vehicle we use for a lot of the curriculum development is ‘First Steps’ and ‘Co-operative Learning’. The Tribes Social model is used throughout the school community. Both the Literacy and Numeracy First Steps programmes are used throughout classrooms. All rooms in the school are connected by fibre-optic cable and all classes have Internet access.

Our Motto: Growing Together

The school has been developed around the Health Promoting Schools Framework where the three domains (Ethos, Partnerships, Curriculum) are interconnected in order to achieve a type of ‘magic’ in the school.  The motto represents this interconnectedness and partnerships. Growing together represents the growing community and the importance of the partnership between the school and home.  Without this partnership Growing Together will be difficult to achieve.


The school adopts the TRIBES social model of interaction in order to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone involved in the school.

Four Agreements form this school’s culture.  They include:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciations – No Put Downs
  • The Right to Pass

 Multi Age Grouping

At Comet Bay Primary School the arrangement of classes into multi-age groups provides the opportunity for children to work with others of various ages and benefit from the broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in the class.

Multi Age Grouping provides opportunities for children to:

  • Work together and learn from each other
  • Work at their own rate, experience success and acknowledge the success of others
  • Accept, value and care for others as individuals.  This fosters a sense of community as they share the responsibility for learning.
  • To increase the opportunity for ‘looping’ allowing the student to stay with the same teacher for two years.